Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Coventry's own mini ramp maniac Harry Myers has just started a new blog. letting you know about all the new stuff whats going on, including the upcoming video which is yet to have a name. www.changingfacesofcoventry.blogspot.com, theres a link to the blog on the side of this page. dribble dribble...

Also, the new Terribleco site is going swimmingly with new posts all the time, and Ades just had some new stickers made! check them out www.terribleco.co.uk, theres also a link to the site on the side of this page next to the link for harry's blog.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

dead mouse #2

i was walking down the street the othger day and stumbled upon this little guy, he was just lying there dead so i took an arty photo of his little corpse. R.I.P mousey

fun times with tony lui

heres some snaps of tony or T-doggy as he is known on da streets.

word yo,


so we were skating town yesterday and i took some photos on our usual trip to ye old red brick

Harry :)

harry fs ollie

harry lien tail

tony bean plant i think

kyle blunt to 5.0 fakie

tony tailblock


heres some recent photos took by Ryan Bradley-

heres tony snapping the remains of a deck over his head
a line that Tony filmed for Harry
Harry finger flip indy herbert 3
T-doggy fs ollie

tony tailblock

Monday, 28 December 2009

cov town 28/12/09

heres some photos took by george conneely from skating today, cheers george :)

me fs tail slide

tony pogo

kyle, ollie, give a thumbs up and look at the camera


tony and kyle

me heel flip

heel flip again, black and white.

me kickflip

tony bean plant


hesh sweaty kyle

bus going past

bus stop occurings

kyle pole jam

kyle pole jam

tony bs hurricane

tony bs 5.0

kyle fakie 5.0

danny fs nose grind

tony bs half cab crooked

me fs 5.0

danny fs nosegrind

footage from boardroom