Monday, 28 December 2009

cov town 28/12/09

heres some photos took by george conneely from skating today, cheers george :)

me fs tail slide

tony pogo

kyle, ollie, give a thumbs up and look at the camera


tony and kyle

me heel flip

heel flip again, black and white.

me kickflip

tony bean plant


hesh sweaty kyle

bus going past

bus stop occurings

kyle pole jam

kyle pole jam

tony bs hurricane

tony bs 5.0

kyle fakie 5.0

danny fs nose grind

tony bs half cab crooked

me fs 5.0

danny fs nosegrind

footage from boardroom

boardroom 27/12/09

we went to the boardroom, it was a good skate. heres some photos of what went down.

me in two seasons, just got some new shoes :)

kyle, fs smith

kyle, fs tail slide

some randomer, boneless in from sub-box, this guy was sick, doing boneless miller flips on the big quarter.

ade and forde

ade the terrible :O

randomer fs air

and again

burrel fs boneless

ade fs boneless

burrel fs feeble

randomer fs air

me and kyle



forde bs invert


heres a photo of Tony Lui doing a kickflip down pigeon shit 5 set.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

the anix- winter 09

i was walking past my local skatepark on the way back from my paper round and decided to snap a few pics on my pooey phone.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

kenilworth and town 12th dec 09

we had a pretty good skate today :) we took the bus to kenilworth to check out the skatepark and unfortunately it was wet, but we still managed to get a little skate in and have some madness in the play area before we got back to cov town to have a little street skate. the street skate was sick, we went down to shelton and there was about 20 skateboarders and 10 bmxers at the spot. everyone was hyping :D we were all going for shit down it. tony got some nollie fs bigspins and bs flips, harry getting fakie frontside bigspins and kickflips, luke getting no comply's and flipping the set, and me doing kickflips and shov its and i even got a tre flip down it. also tony snapped his deck on a bigspin and lukes no comply gone wrong flew up and came back down to land on georges camera and break the screen. :(
photos by george conneely. theres some footage on georges youtube:

me tre flip

tony getting cheesey
tony bs smith
me 50 50
tony bs feeble
tony bs smith
cameron and his sandwich
harry stompy kickflip
hesh luke
da manz (appart from george cus he took the photo)
tony caveman bs boardslide
tony bs feeble
george and juice
harry noseblunt rag in