Monday, 30 November 2009

wise words

the other day lewis spencer the great told me that jason adams the great had a enjoi section and i said to him, no he dont he is on black label and always has been, turns out im dumb and lewis was right, wise lewis. heres the vid. props out to lew.

indoor skate sunday

as it was wet this weekend, we took the liberty of skating some of coventry's finest indoor spots. pretty fun weekend, heres a video for your delight. filmed and edited by george conneely :)

photos from brum

heres the lad that broke his leg
heres what he did it on.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

brum town.

mad skating in birmingham today, first we went to ideal. it was sick. tony going mad for it as usual with the gnalriest tricks, everyone was hyped to watch him skate, kyle getting down some sick lines and doing front tails for miles,me just bombing round doin 50's and rock n rolls and george documenting all this shit. all fun in brum town.
we then took a trip into town with some lads we met from the ramp, we went to skate smiths 9 and they were going mad at the handrail, these two guys both did boardslides, we got kicked out and sure enough came back soon after and one of the lads was trying back board fakie and only went and did the spliits and broke his leg. damn. so of to hospital he went and we treked through the town and made our way back to cov, good day eh? photos should be on tony's blog soon.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

delicious ramped slo mo

heres a vid of me kickfliping shelton square in delicious ramped slo mo.

hesh luke strikes again.

heres a vid of luke phillips doing a no comply frontside pop shov it down shelton stairs. sick as fuck.

sunday skate session

heres the vid from today, we had a sick skate. tony blasting out tricks on the mini, luke no complying every where george getting them ollies down and me kickfliping shit. fun fun fun.

filming and editing by george conneely.

mission impossible snaps

heres some photos i got of tony doing a backside feeble grind on the little trolley rails in the ikea carpark.

dribbleball Z

Harry Myers, watch out for this guy he is hot shit.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

mission impossible.

heres a vid from today, we managed to infiltrate the location point and get some shit down.

filming and editing by george conneely

Friday, 13 November 2009

Grant Taylor


heres a photo of a moose.

Tony and Tony.

notice anything familiar? the two sickest people that go by the name of Tony. you got Tony Trujillo aka Tony T and you got Tony lui aka T-dog. both photos of ripping boneless's. mabey you'll be this good one day Tony.

dead mouse.

my rad cat brang in a mouse this morining, he then killed it and ate its head, no joke lol, it was lying on the living room floor so i took this photo. unlucky friday 13th for this mouse

george conneely


george does all the filming and editing for us and our friends. get onto his youtube page and check it out. heres one of the latest videos; some street skating in cov town with mad tricks and funny happenings. play in hd to prevent freeeezing.


heres a photo of me for the public to amuse themsleves with

the origin of moose...

hey my name is Alex, but most people know me as moose. blogpspots are gettin popular these days so i decided to make one. i will upload photo's of us skating as i need somewhere to put my photos anyway and keep coventry skateboarding documented with my friends that i skate with:

and other people that i may not have mentioned..

hope to have many more posts and photos up soon.